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— Track —

Our Track program is designed for more serious dancers who must fulfill a required amount of class hours, and who have a strong desire for continued dance education. Students in these classes are considered on the “track” to become a part of our competition team and to prepare for pre-professional and professional work beyond their time at Expressions!

Strict dress code and absences are monitored closely in all levels of Track. Placement in a Track class is by invitation only. Instructors may see a strong candidate from a Mini Mover or Technique class program who shows a lot of promise in the classroom and offer them a chance to intensify their training at the Track level.

Track dancers must be enrolled in all classes available within their Track level including two electives such as Hip Hop, Acrobatics, Strength & Flexibility classes, and Musical Theater Technique. Summer classes are also required to remain in the Track program. Class attendance and adherence to our studio dress code are also monitored very closely.

In addition to the training provided by EDT, our Track dancers may receive supplemental training through in-house workshops and conventions.

Dancers enrolled in our Track program also have the opportunity to audition each year for our competitive team, the Sundancers. Auditions are held in August each year and dancers must be enrolled in the current summer classes within their Track level to audition.