2434 High Street, Crescent Springs, KY 41017

— Testimonials —

We have been with Expressions for a few years, and it is difficult to put into words how impressed I've been. The productions are first class and the incredible teaching shines through the dancers' technique as well as the choreography. There is a place for everyone here; whether you are interested in competitive dance or recreational, your dancer will get amazing instruction along with discipline and fun. I can't imagine going anywhere else after having been with this amazing studio.

- Sheridan L.

I’ve been the Dad that questions the cost. I’ve questioned every dollar. Seeing this group dominate Nationals makes it so much easier. It IS worth it! And being lucky enough to see Drake’s last performance is amazing. Thank you to the absolutely amazing staff, as well the phenomenal owner. My daughter is a better person because of you!

- Brian R.

My daughter has been dancing with expressions for two years now, and it’s amazing how far she has come as a dancer in those two years. Each week she looks forward to going to class. She was diagnosed with slight anxiety and dancing has helped her get over that anxiety. The staff is great and the older kids that help out in class are wonderful! Always recommending the studio to others that are looking to start their child in dance class.

- Stephanie S.

Teaching staff is incredible. They work tirelessly with the children and the performance is proof. Great group.

- Patricia D.

We love Expressions! This is my daughter's first year dancing and she looks forward to it every week. She is 3, and they are so good with the "littles". She loves her teacher. The staff is friendly, and you feel very welcome every time you walk through the door. They are always there to answer questions with a smile. The winter show was amazing. I would recommend Expressions to anyone looking for the highest quality dance education for their kids.

- Kimberly M.

My daughter and son both take dance at Expressions. The teachers are all very talented and great with young kids. The recitals are amazing and very professional. My children love dance class! We love Expressions!

- Amanda R.

My daughter has danced at Expressions for 4 years now and continues to love it! The studio was highly recommended by my niece and our pediatrician back then and we highly recommend to others now! Great studio!

- Kristi A.

Expressions has been a wonderful place for children to learn dance with patience and expertise. With generations of dance behind them, it is professional, creative, and fun! My grandchildren and the family love it! Beautiful productions!

- Karen R.

We love Expressions! The instructors are wonderful and truly care for the kids! They have taught my daughters to love dance and enjoy performing...not to mention great dance technique!

- Megan H.

The best of the best!!!!!! So dedicated to the kids, the talent, and performing!

- Patricia G.