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Acro 1 (ages 6-9) | Learning the Basics
These students will focus on flexibility, strength, and balance. They will learn the proper technique for forward/backward rolls and straddle rolls. This is in addition to being taught skills such as cartwheels, round-offs, handstands, and how to build bridges and do backbends.

Acro 1 Intermediate | Practice & Polish
These students will continue to work on flexibility, strength, and balance. This student has an understanding of the basics but needs to practice these skills in order to move ahead in Acro. Students will focus on breaking down basics, polishing old tricks, and moving into new skills when they are ready.

Acro 2 | Brilliant At the Basics
These students have had previous training in Acro. They are able to do cartwheels, round-offs, and handstands with ease. These students must be doing backbends and coming up on their own. This class will tackle tricks such as front limbers, around the world limbers, inside outs, back walkovers, and chest rolls.

Acro 3 | Time For Tricks
These students are doing all tricks from Acro 2 with ease. They are ready to move forward into switch walkovers, front walkovers, one-handed walkovers, walking on their hands, handsprings, aerials, and other tumbling skills when ready.

Acro 4 | Skilled Acrobat
This class is taught without gymnastic mats. It is geared to the student who has mastered all basics and variations of Acrobatic skills. These students tumble on the floor, preparing themselves to utilize Acro/Tumbling skills to enhance their dancing.

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