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"WOW!!  What a great show!!!  You and your staff did an amazing job!!  Thanks for all you do!!"

- M. O., June 2014

"The recital was definitely one of the best I've seen as long as my daughter has been dancing at the studio.  The choreography was awesome, and all of the girls did such a great job!!  It was really fun to watch!!  I also loved what you did with the pointe classes' dance!"

- P. M., June 2014

"To the EDT Staff,

I cannot tell you enough how impressed I was with last night's show! Emily and I are STILL talking about it.  Not only that, but her older, non-dancing siblings, who I always had to DRAG to other recitals, loved it too!

Watching your higher-skilled dancers was just what Emily needed to rekindle her love of dance and desire to improve.  She, who just a month ago was teetering on whether or not to continue dance, has recommitted herself to continue to grow as a dancer.  She simply said 'I want to be that good!'

I know under your care and guidance and her hard work, she will hone a God-given talent to the best of her ability.

Thank you so much for a great first year at EDT."

- M. K., June 2014

"Great job this weekend! You know it is a good performance when the grandfathers comment how awesome it was!"

- J. N., June 2014

"Once again, you and your Team have done an amazing job with the EDT recital.  And that goes for all those who help behind the scenes coordinating concessions, T shirt orders, volunteers, etc.   What an amazing recital!"

- E. H., June 2014

"I just wanted to take a second to thank everyone for all their help with this competition.  It was such a wonderful experience for her and myself.  We are so fortunate to be apart of this Sundancer family.

When I look at the older girls on the stage I am overwhelmed with how far we can go with this team.  They have such a stage presence and demand the attention of the audience.  They conduct themselves professionally and they are so supportive of the younger ones. And to win???  Who could ask for more?  I can only hope the minis can live up to those that have gone before them because they certainly have huge shoes to fill.  I am so proud to be a Sundancer mom."

- A. G., May 2014

"EDT graduates with Cara Baynum-Patrick who has been a huge part of their lives for many years!!  She has been their coach and has taught each one of these girls to believe in themselves and follow their dreams!!  Cara, even though you still have one of my daughters and we have 4 more years together, I would like to thank you for the many years you have have been a part of R******'s life and gracefully guiding her through what she will miss the most: her love of dance!!!"

- S. H., May 2014 (From Facebook Post)

"Hi Cara!
Just wanted to tell you how much I once again enjoyed watch week.  It is a very emotional thing for me having watched H**** for so many years, and now watching C****.  I'm sure your Mom feels the same way.
Katelyn did a great job with the Jazz group.  C**** loved her and the class so much. What a beautiful girl Katelyn grew up to be from that precious little girl I watched dance as a baby.
I was so glad to see C**** in ballet class with Emily.  Em is perfection in every way.
You have a great studio, Cara.  We are so proud of you.  Have another great year as I'm sure you will."

- B. M., March 2014

"I just wanted to say how wonderful the Nutcracker was. It was FABULOUS!!  EDT has some very talented Dancers in their Studio!!  So happy to be a part of it."

- T. C., December 2013

"Once again, you and your Staff did an AWESOME job with this year's winter recital!  I really truly don't how you all pull off each recital so beautifully!  And I can never say enough about Chelsea, Regina, Sundancer Moms & others who coordinate so many things, field the same questions over & over, with patience & calmness.  Thank you again for a wonderful show!"

- E. N., December 2013

"First off, Expressions rocks!!!  What an awesome show!  So much fun to watch and so many talented dancers: we're always wowed!!!"

- P. M., June 2013

"What an awesome job you and your teaching staff did with this years' recital!  Thoroughly enjoyed! SPECIAL kudos to Chelsea & Regina for all their administrative and organization they do for EDT!  They have to deal with all of the parents and guardians and yet they do it with professionalism and a smile : ) which I know is hard to do!  Please tell your Staff, thanks for a great show!"

- E. N., June 2013

"Congratulations on a spectacular show!!!  Year after year, the shows are mesmerizing and amazing.  The talent on the stage is a true testimony to the greatness of you and your teachers.  You rock!"

- K. C., June 2013

"As always, the recital this year was incredible.  Just when I think it can't get any better, it does!  Your studio does an amazing job, and I am so proud that my girls have been a part of it for as long as they have."

- H. D., June 2011