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Q:  What is the difference between your Technique (Tech) and Track level classes?  What determines placement?

A:  Our Recreational classes are offered to beginner and intermediate dancers looking to dance more for fun, while still being offered the same performance opportunities as our Track level dancers.  Track level classes are designed for the more serious dancers that must fulfill a required amount of hours and classes, and have a strong desire for continued dance education.  Strict dress code and absences are monitored closely in all levels of Track.  Placement in a Track class is by invitation only.  Instructors may see a strong candidate from a Recreational class who shows a lot of promise in the classroom, and offer the chance to intensify their training at a Track level.  Those transferring from other studios that have a similar program must go through observation before placing them in an appropriate level.

Q:  Do we get to observe the classes?

A:  Yes.  Every 8 to 9 weeks we have a “Watching Week” for all classes.  This is when parents and a guest can observe the class and their child’s progression throughout the year.  This year we may ask the parents to participate in a survey after the end of class to get some feedback about the material, music, teachers, etc.

Q:  Why is there not a jazz class offered for kids under 7?

A:  We here at Expressions firmly believe that ballet is the foundation for all styles of dance.  We also require that a child must have a good knowledge of ballet and it’s basics before being introduced to jazz.  With the ballet basics, they will develop the stong technique needed to learn the fast-paced style of jazz.

Q:  Is my child going to be required to take ballet, tap, and jazz?  Or can they choose which ones they take?

A:  A combination class of ballet and tap is offered to Mini Movers 1 through Junior levels.  In our Tech classes (ages 8 and up), a child can choose to take either the ballet, tap, or jazz class, although we encourage them to take a ballet class along with jazz.  Specialty classes like acrobatics and hip-hop can be taken by themselves or in addition to other classes.

Q:  What is the best way to arrange a meeting with a teacher?

A:  At Expressions, we care about your concerns and questions and are willing to arrange a time to privately discuss anything you have concerns about.  You can e-mail us anytime, or leave a note at the front desk with our office manager and we will be sure to set up a time or phone call.

Q:  What are your performance opportunities?  Are they mandatory?

A:  We are proud to say we offer plenty of stage time to our talented dancers!  We hold two mandatory performances a year, one in the Winter, and one in the Spring.  Our Winter performance alternates between an elaborate ballet-themed performance (example:  Nutcracker, Cinderella, etc.), and a fun-filled variety show that shows off everything that Expressions has to offer.  The Spring recital is our end of the year show and biggest production of the season.

Q:  How many numbers will my child be in?  Is there an opportunity to be involved in “extra” routines?

A:  Our youngest dancers, the Tiny Tots, will perform one routine in the year-end recital.  They are not involved in our Winter Performance.  Our Mini Movers 1 through Mini Movers 2 dancers will perform either a ballet or tap routine in the Spring recital, and the Mini Movers 3 and Junior dancers will perform a ballet and tap routine.  Our Tech dancers will have a routine for each of their classes, whether enrolled in all three classes offered at this level, or just one.  All Specialty classes (Hip-Hop, Acrobatics, Lyrical) will also have a separate routine.

We also have an exciting Musical Theater program that is offered to children aged 8 and above, which can present more performance opportunities in our shows.

Q:  Where are your recitals held?  How long are they typically?  How many shows?

A:  Currently, we use Cincinnati’s School for Creative and Performing Arts for all performances.  We work closely with their staff to ensure the most professionally run shows, and the space is large enough to accommodate a high volume of audience members.

Because of our high enrollment, and to make the show more enjoyable for those sitting in the audience, we have two separate performances.  This allows us to keep our Spring shows at a 2 1/2-3 hour maximum (with a 15 minute intermission).

Q:  What is Combo Week?  Why are these rehearsals mandatory?

A:  Combination weeks are the one to two weeks prior to showtime, and a very exciting time that prepares our students for the big show!  The rehearsals are broken up into the order of the show, and are used to familiarize the students with how the show will run.  For this reason, we require that all students are there to rehearse.  All combination weeks are held at Expressions.

Q:  What about dress rehearsal?

A:  Dress rehearsal is held at the chosen performance venue, and we run the show from top to bottom to smooth out any problems that may arise.  Because this tends to be a long rehearsal, we set up concessions with snacks, drinks, etc. and always try to get our youngest classes out the door the earliest.  This is a mandatory rehearsal for all the dancers involved, and one parent per dancer is invited to sit in the audience during rehearsal.  An important Recital Newsletter will go out to all parents that will explain things like arrival times, makeup and costuming, and rules of the theatre.

Q:  What does the costume deposit cover?

A:  Our Winter and Spring costume deposits will typically cover the cost of ONE costume.  For our younger classes, this is typically all you will owe since most costume companies offer a costume that can easily be changed from ballet to tap quite easily.

If your child is in more than one routine or class, you can expect additional costume charges which will be billed in the month of February.  We almost always add on gloves, hair bows, shoe bows, etc. that really make the costume even more appealing for the stage.  We also have a stock of costumes from past performances that we try to reuse to keep costs low for you.  Any extra costume fees for Specialty classes can range from $45-$65 per costume.

Q:  Can we order DVDs?  What about Picture Day?

A:  We offer a professional video of each of our shows which is filmed and edited by “DA23 Studios”.  The cost of the DVD is typically around $30.  We also have a couple of photographers that take pictures of the children during rehearsal and show nights to capture the candid dance photos that we love!

Q:  What are the options for make-up classes?

A:  Make-up classes will be offered to those classes that have had unfortunate cancellations due to weather, sickness, etc.  A date and time will be announced or emailed to you if this occurs.

Q:  What are private lessons?  How do I know if my child needs them?

A:  Private lessons are a great way to get some one-on-one time with the instructor to fine-tune your steps and technique.  In most cases, if a private lesson is needed, an instructor will contact the parent and a time will be arranged.

Q:  What is Fun Week?

A:  Fun Week is the week following our Watching Week that rewards the kids for a job well done!  Fun activities, dance videos, and Bring a Friend week will be enjoyed by all during their regularly scheduled classes.  Check your yearly calendar and the website for updates!